To My Pregnant Self,

At this moment, right now, 1 month before the expected birth of our first child I say, THANK YOU!

  • Thank you for dreaming up the idea of having a child when traveling, creating a career and having fun was always top of your list.
  • Thank you for being patient when conception wasn’t instant and fertility tests and assistance were invasive.
  • Thank you for choosing the best possible partner to go through this crazy and unexpected adventure with.

AND please know…

  • Not to put too much weigh in “natural birthing practices.” Labor is largely out of your control and you will have to endure virtually intolerable pain so don’t judge yourself. Epidural, gas, C section – it’s all good, so long as you and your baby are healthy in the end.
  • The labor is less important that the hours, days and years you will spend parenting. So put aside all your birthing books and start reading the parenting ones while you have the time.

AND on that note, before having our baby please cherish …

  • Time to yourself. Whether Grocery shopping, watching bravo or going to the bathroom solo, enjoy these moments now because these things are all better without kids. Trust me.

Wearing unsoiled clothing. Brace yourself, you’re about to get up close and physical with the world of milk, throw up, pee and poop so enjoy wearing that clean, fancy, party dress before you don yoga pants for the best part of the next 12 years.

  • Date nights with your husband, girlfriends or really ANYONE while you still have the energy to get dressed up…


I’m thanking you now because you will forget to thank yourself later.

With Gratitude, OX

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