Whoop whoop the kids started summer camp this week. After a full day at camp we tend to just chill in the afternoons and water play is one of the best ways to do that! We’re making these sponge bombs to soak up water and throw around the yard.

Here’s what you need to make sponge bombs:

  • Thick, small sponges (you’ll need three per sponge bomb)
  • Elastic bands (you’ll need one per sponge bomb)
  • Scissors
  • Cut sponges into thirds
  • Layer 3 sponges together
  • Secure with Elastic band
  • Spread and flare sponges
  • Enjoy with a big bucket of water☺
Even if the kids don’t want to help make these, once they are made they will enjoy an afternoon of open, sensory play with water.

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