Ever been on a romantic road trip? This weekend the hubby and I hit the roads of New England and ended up in Newport, Rhode Island. This was the first time we’ve spent more than one night away together since our honeymoon six years ago. True. And since having kids we’ve never spent more than one night away from the boys (and we’ve only done that twice). Did I miss the boys? Yes!!! Was it worth a little heartache to avoid a weekend of bedtime routines and spend some time out with my bestie? Definitely.

Don’t get me wrong my husband and I go on plenty of dates. Most weekends we’re on a date or enjoying ‘adult time’ with friends. But spending a whole weekend together to disconnect from our weekly routine and reconnect with each other was much needed.

We’ve both always loved road trips. For our honeymoon we basically went on a road trip across the south island of New Zealand and loved it, we’ve also done a 3-week road trip across the USA. But I found that it’s not so much how you spend you’re weekend away together but more about just making the mental space for both of you to connect and daydream a little broader than you might when you’re juggling (or just surviving) family life on the weekend.

If you live near family you have no excuse for not making a weekend getaway with your partner an annual event. If you’re like us and don’t have any family living nearby, literally invite your friends or parents to come and stay and spend time with your children so you can get away together

Do you have a romantic getaway planned? Tell us how you like to spend time together.

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