There’s nothing like a cup of tea or ‘cuppa’ as we say in Australia and I’ve always loved the ritual of preparing and drinking tea. Drinking tea when we’re with friends and family is about enjoying good company and telling stories, and when we’re by ourselves it equals a rare moment of peace. Here’s how to make the perfect cup of tea: 
  • Fresh Tea. Here I’m using my good friend’s handcrafted collection of teas, “Good Honey” 
  • Teapot or infuser 
  • Fresh water 
  • Kettle or pot 


  • Always fill the kettle with fresh water, it’s said the air bubbles in fresh water enhances the tea’s flavor 
  • For black or herbal tea let the water reach boiling point 
  • Warm the cup or teapot with a little hot water and then discard 
  • Fill the infuser with tea 
  • Pour hot water over infuser 
  • Steep. Note: steeping tea for too long can bring out a bitter flavor  
Herbal teas such as Good Honey ‘Milk Bar’ have so many nutritional and medicinal benefits but there is also a great benefit in just taking a moment to yourself and enjoying a cup.  

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