To my husband: A List of Things I’m Going to Need and NOT Need After I’ve Had Babies

After I’ve had babies I’m going to need:

  • My body back!!!  For 9 months I gave my body up to grow our babies, then for 12 months I breast-fed both boys while also enduring sleepless nights. Now my sense of self and body image have escaped me and it’s going to take a while to work through that
  • Sleep! Please, please let me sleep in on Saturday mornings (you can have Sunday mornings)
  • Chocolate. I’ll consume more chocolate than I ever thought possible and I’ll need to do that without judgment
  • You to handle all the poop. Since you travel so much for work when you are home you will be changing ALLLLL the shitty diapers. I’ve had it with having my hands in poo
  • Me time. Even when I’m able to sneak out for a mani pedi or an evening with my girls I’m still going to want more me time

Good news is there are some things I’m NOT going to need:

  • More boy time. Between my two sons, my husband, my dad, my three brothers, and gorgeous nephew there’s rarely a time when I’m not surrounded by boys
  • Sex. Quickies are the best.

If only both of us had known what we know now after having our two boys. Would we do it again? I know I would. Let us know in the comments what you or your partner would do differently post babies.


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